Manuscript Submission Guidelines making sense of the publishing business…

About Sidharta Books & Print

Sidharta Books & Print Pty Ltd is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the development of fine writing.

  • We specialize in the work of new and emerging authors, and in enabling them to self publish with maximum involvement at minimum cost.
  • Our team is equipped to handle every procedure, from the moment a raw manuscript appears on our desk to its transformation into a professional attractive publication.
  • We have the ability to assess and process, and market world wide, manuscripts from North America and the United Kingdom, and English language translations from foreign languages.

Our Message To You

Publishing is a competitive and difficult business. More people are writing and there is less room among the big publishers for consideration of newcomers. Opportunities for good writers and many good books are lost because of this. So what can replace the big publisher's power and influence in selection of writers and success on the book shop shelf?

The small team. With you as an important part!

Our team will give your work all the concentrated attention it requires to produce a quality product. Once we accept your manuscript and you accept us as your publisher, our team includes you. Every stage needs your co-operation, energy and commitment for you to gain the most benefit and give yourself a fighting chance that your book will sell.