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If you are seeking to publish with Sid Harta Publishers, you have been through our assessment procedure and we assume you are satisfied with the approach and comments of your assessor. This should give you some confidence to take the next step, to work with our editor on the full edit of your manuscript to prepare it for publication.

To do this, we

  1. assign an editor to work with you personally, one-on-one, by personal visit, telephone, email and ordinary mail or any of these combined
  2. hold a preliminary discussion between you and the editor to determine how best to work together, including methods and procedures for the edit
  3. carry out all communication in full confidence

We ask you to be

  1. open to seeing your work in a new way or from new angles, and to learning
  2. ready to rewrite
  3. prepared to be pleasantly surprised
  4. For especially talented new writers
  5. we will give you extra time and special help


  • Editing fees are included in the Sid Harta Publishers contract for publishing.
  • Working together to improve or "polish" a manuscript can be one of the most rewarding, if at times arduous, parts of successful writing!

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